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Everyday Injustice Podcast Interview

This week on Everyday Injustice, Jessica Henry talks about people who are convicted of crimes that never happened. There are a whole class of wrongful convictions – some based on flawed forensic science, such as shaken baby or arson investigators. Henry also chronicles suicide being mislabeled as a homicide. And more nefarious problems such as […]

Crime Is on the Ballot – and Voters are Choosing Whether Prosecutors with Reform Agendas are the Ones Who Can Best Bring Law, Order and Justice

Different approaches to justice are on the ballot in November 2022 in some public prosecutor and Congressional elections around the country, revealing a deep divide about how differently Americans feel about crime and its consequences. Many Republican Congressional and prosecutor candidates are focusing their electoral messages on crime, accusing Democrats of being “dangerously liberal”, amid a seeming rise of crime […]

Progressive Prosecutors Make a Difference for the Innocent

This November, voters around the country will engage in local elections with significant criminal justice impact. Nowhere is that more apparent than local prosecutor races. Progressive prosecutors offer fresh and innovative crime-control approaches to a criminal legal system that disparately — and often unnecessarily — impacts the poor and people of color without increasing public […]

Pod Save the People Podcast Interview

Lean Into the Joy (with Prof. Jessica S. Henry) DeRay, Kaya, Sam, and De’Ara cover the underreported news of the week, including rural schools, suicide rates, Black Film Archives, and Portland’s vaccine mandate. DeRay interviews Prof. Jessica S. Henry (author of “Smoke But No Fire: Convicting the Innocent of Crimes that Never Happened”) about no-crime wrongful […]

Democracy on the Move Podcast Interview

Jessica Henry, author of the book Smoke But No Fire – Convicting the Innocent of Crimes that Never Happened, drops by to discuss the book’s topic; people convicted of crimes that never happened. You read that right; people are often convicted of crimes that never took place, and many have served years in prison and […]

Huckleberry Gin Podcast Interview

Jessica Henry, author of the book SMOKE BUT NO FIRE, joins host Carly Gelsinger to talk about the tragedy of wrongful convictions for crimes that never happen. At the end of the episode, Carly develops a signature cocktail recipe based on something that inspired her about the book.

MPL Check Us Out Podcast Interview

In the January edition of Montclair Public Library’s Check Us Out Podcast, Selwa interviews local author Jessica Henry, author of “Smoke but No Fire: Convicting the Innocent of Crimes that Never Happened.”

Women & Crime Podcast Interview

After her three month old son Ryan got violently ill, Patricia Stallings rushed him to the hospital where he was placed in the pediatric intensive care unit. She and her husband were informed that their baby had been poisoned. Suspicions surrounded the couple, however it wasn’t until several weeks later when baby Ryan suffered another […]