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Another Innocent Man Executed?

Walter “Arkie” Barton is scheduled to be executed by the State of Missouri on Tuesday, …

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Binge Watching? What “How to Fix a Drug Scandal” Teaches Us About Criminal Justice Reform

The criminal justice system abounds with inequities. Today’s news headlines are full of stories about …

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Texas, the Coronavirus, Wrongful Convictions, and Prisons (Austin Statesman)

Rosa Jimenez, a mother with Stage 4 Kidney Disease, was already supposed to be released …

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New Jersey’s Prisons and the Coronavirus

New Jersey just took a major step toward protecting the public from the coronavirus.  It …

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The Death Penalty Lottery

Colorado’s Governor Jared Polis has announced he will sign a state bill to abolish capital …

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Nineteen Prison Deaths in Two Months

This past Wednesday, Omar Beard died in a Mississippi prison of “natural causes.” He was …

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What Impeachment and Voting Bans Have in Common: The Fear of Too Much Truth

           I’ve been thinking a lot about the Republican Senate’s decision to close the impeachment trial …

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My Speech About Felony Disenfranchisement at the 2020 Official NYC Women’s March in Foley Square

It’s 2020. In 1920 – just 100 years ago — the 19th Amendment was ratified …

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Four Steps You Can Take Right Now to End Felony Disenfranchisement

Step One: Learn about felony disenfranchisement. An informed electorate is a powerful electorate. The Sentencing …

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Top 10 Criminal Justice Wish List for 2020

This past year brought glimmers of hope for criminal justice reformers, from the decision to …

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When the Wrongly Convicted Plead Guilty for Freedom

Elvis Brooks spent forty-two years in a Louisiana prison — nearly two-thirds of his life …

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How Corruption in Forensic Science is Harming the Criminal Justice System

Television crime dramas like “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and its many spin-offs have fostered the …

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The Innocence Plea Problem

On August 12, 2019, Cody Gregg, a homeless man from Oklahoma, was stopped by the …

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Bloodbath in Ohio

The State of Ohio has started a killing-spree, with 27 executions scheduled in the next …

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Criminal Justice Wish List for 2018

The holiday season is about setting intentions, and working throughout the year to see them …

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Two Travesties of Justice and Not a Single Apology in Sight

Anyone interested in criminal justice knows that our system is broken. Two recent cases out …

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