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Do Black People Even Have Souls?

Keith Tharpe is scheduled to be executed on September 26th in Georgia. His conviction and …

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“Use By” Date Expired for Ledell Lee

Ledell Lee was executed last night in Arkansas. Earlier this month, Arkansas promised to execute …

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No Justice For Man Boiled To Death In Florida Prison

What is a fair punishment for boiling a man to death? Apparently, nothing. At least …

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Thinking Past Trump: Top 10 State Criminal Justice Reforms for 2017

Criminal justice reform prospects for 2017 are bleak, at least at the federal level. Attorney …

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Nothing to Smile About: Bite Mark Evidence Blasted Again

Your smile could cost you your freedom. Just ask Crystal Weimer from Pennsylvania, or William …

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Louisiana, It’s Time to Get Your Priorities Straight

The police shooting in Louisiana of Alton Sterling, a black man and father of five, …

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On Death Row for a Murder that Wasn’t?

Rodricus Crawford sits on Louisiana’s death row, awaiting execution for the murder of his one-year-old …

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Don’t Believe the Bite

Eddie Lee Howard, Jr. has been on Mississippi’s death row for nearly two decades, convicted …

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The Cost of Lying: For One Lab Scientist Who Fabricated Evidence, Just Two Years in Prison

Plenty of people who commit non-violent drug crimes are sentenced to years, if not decades, …

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Two Men Convicted for Drug Crimes That Never Happened

Two different men. Two different states. Two drug convictions. Two prison sentences. Two exonerations. On …

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Cash, Killings and Secrets

The State of Missouri paid its “confidential execution staff” in cash-stuffed envelopes, full of $100 …

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Wrongly Convicted: Arson or Accident?

In December 2015, four men convicted of murder and arson in two completely unrelated cases …

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Too Long on Death Row to Die

FILE – In this Tuesday, May 27, 2008 file photo, the gurney used to restrain …

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Top Five Holiday Wishes for People in Prison

As I celebrate the holiday season surrounded by loving family and friends, my thoughts turn …

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When An 8 Year Old Kills

One late-October night in Alabama, sometime around 11:00pm, an 8 year old boy was left …

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Triple Déjà vu: Punishments Lacking Principles

Three different states. Three arranged murders. Same unjustifiable death sentences. Kelly Gissendaner was executed this …

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