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Everyday Injustice Podcast Interview

This week on Everyday Injustice, Jessica Henry talks about people who are convicted of crimes that never happened.

There are a whole class of wrongful convictions – some based on flawed forensic science, such as shaken baby or arson investigators.

Henry also chronicles suicide being mislabeled as a homicide.

And more nefarious problems such as corrupt police planting drugs on an innocent suspect.

A false allegation of assault is invented to resolve a custody dispute.

Perhaps a false allegation of sexual assault for a consensual encounter.

Listen as Jessica Henry discusses why this problem underlies a deeply flawed system which allows—even encourages—these convictions to regularly occur.

And it has consequences as people spend years behind bars for crimes that never happened.

Davis Vanguard Everyday Injustice Podcast covers criminal justice reform, mass incarceration, wrongful convictions, and more.

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