Montaigne Medal award for “most thought-provoking” book
Foreword INDIES 2020 Book of the Year Award (Silver, Political & Social Sciences)
First Horizon Award for “superior writing” by a “debut author”
Paperback now available!

Women & Crime Podcast Interview

After her three month old son Ryan got violently ill, Patricia Stallings rushed him to the hospital where he was placed in the pediatric intensive care unit. She and her husband were informed that their baby had been poisoned. Suspicions surrounded the couple, however it wasn’t until several weeks later when baby Ryan suffered another episode, that Patricia was arrested. Tragically, Ryan’s condition worsened and he passed away and Patricia was convicted of first-degree murder. However, it wouldn’t be long until the real truth emerged. What happened to baby Ryan and how did the birth of her second son lead to her freedom?

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